Teverastur, infinite descent bike.

Can you imagine taking a mountain bike at 1600 meters high, and make a permanent decrease of about 50 km running through mountain trails and touring the new stretch of footpath open in Quirós Bear up to Proaza, Villanueva San Andrés or Trubia located 100 meters?

Well it is possible with us. We carry daily departures at 10.30 am. With our company vehicles, 1600m climb from there to start this route, which is a true pleasure for the senses.

You rodareis along the ridge of the mountain, you will have an overview of Asturias worthy of being seen, you you will cross a beautiful beech forest, you recorreréis part of the beautiful Bear Path, all traveling along a mountain track with nice firm.

To perform this reduction, it is necessary to know the bike handle well, especially knowing curb, because in the first relegation zone, there are very tight curves and uneven. Anyone who is handled fairly well with a bike will have no trouble making full decline.

For this activity, you can bring your bike home or I'll provide us.