Teverga is one of the emblematic destinies of rural tourism in Asturias. The touristic offer is of high standard with multiple possibilities to spend your free time and take the most of your staying. One of the best choices is to lodge in Balcón Real

Balcón Real rural apartments that is 3, two 3-room bungalows and two single room bungalows. They are situated within the Council of Teverga in Asturias, close to “La senda del Oso and The Natural Park Las Ubiñas La Mesa, Biosphere Reserve. In Campiello, a small village  in Asturias of no more than 50 inhabitants.

Located in a privileged setting, in the middle of a valley, surrounded by mountains and chestnut forests. All of them are very modern, self catering, spacious and charming. They are the best option for eco-tourism; enjoy nature with friends or family. If you would like to visit Asturias our rural bungalows are placed in the central area

Balcón Real belongs to the highest quality: 3 Keys


If you like adventure, Balcón Real is your destination, speleology, climbing, hiking trails and horse trails. The Senda del Oso bike trail. You can visit La Cueva (cave) Huerta, The Prehistoric Museum where you can see many drawings  of prehistoric

horses, deer, bison, etc.

And after such an adventurous day you can relax in our outdoor Jacuzzi, with the amazing landscape and views of the mountains and chestnut forest.

Enjoy your visit to Asturias, enjoy Teverga and enjoy Balcón Real.