Route Senda del Oso

The path runs along the road were located where the old mining train that ran through the valley of the river from the towns of Trubia Teverga (from Entrago and from there came to the village of Trubia. This train was used until 1963 for transport of mineral coal. Eventually, the exhaustion of the mines, as well as their low profitability caused its closure in 1963.

The first section has a length of 6 km, from the recreational area of ​​Tuñón (Santo Adriano) and Proaza. It was actually the first leg of the trail.

This section begins at the picnic area Tuñón in the county road AS-228, through the bridge of the Esgarrada, Tuñón people. Jumping up Villanueva and crosses the stream The Xanas. From there it goes through Villanueva and its Roman bridge, just beyond the road over the bridge "The Sabil" is crossed, here you reach the recreation area Buyera and Mount Bear Where are Paca and Tola, orphans bears are found in the bush. Here you get to Proaza.

The second section has a length of 23 km, between Caranga (Proaza) and Cueva Huerta (Teverga). This section was opened in the summer of 1996 to Entrago and expanded in summer 2011 to Cave Huerta. The section begins once you leave Proaza, running through the mountains of Caranga, Peña Navy and chair of the King and the gorge Peñas Boards. the path runs between tunnels. From there the path for teverganas land already reaches Entrago, after leaving high Gradura Peña, right, and Sobia Peña, left. Twenty nine tunnels and bridges across rivers and Teverga Trubia or AS-228 and walking. 14 km. Length of walking tour: 4 hours.