Fairs Teverga

First Sunday of January. Fair January. The Plaza.

February 1, San Blas. The Plaza.

March 3. San Emeritus. The Plaza.

First Sunday in April, Feria de Abril. The Plaza.

Second Saturday in April cattle competition, La Plaza.

May Day, May Fair, The Plaza.

First Sunday in June, June Feria, La Plaza.

First Sunday of August August Fair, La Plaza.

Penultimate Saturday of August Feria d San Lorenzo. Puerto de San Lorenzo.

September 3, Cuerin Fair, La Plaza.

The weekend closest to September 5, Fair Cueiro. Taxa Cueiro port.

First Sunday in October, Feria del Rosario. La Plaza

November 21, The Feriona, La Plaza.

December 13, Feria de Santa Lucia, La Plaza.