Collegiate Church of San Pedro de Teverga

It is a Romanesque church built in the eleventh century by what is considered as an early Romanesque or Romanesque transition. For this reason the building retains elements of both styles:

  • From Romanesque part we highlight the existence of three naves, apses straight header and spatial feeling.
  • From the Romanesque part we highlight the squared ashlars, loopholes and a large porch.

Yet this can indicate that the church is the first sample of this style in the region.

In the building we highlight some unique reliefs with animal forms in different capitals of which can distinguish different symbolic animals or beasts heads.

Decoorativo Another very important aspect is the sculpture of the crucified Christ, Romanesque sculpture dating from the thirteenth century polychrome wood is placed in its chapel.

Legend has it that these two noble mummies belong to the very powerful and cruel Miranda house and Valdecarcena who were cursed to make use of "droit de seigneur". The condemnation of their souls continues today, as her mysterious history.
Collegiate rest in San Pedro, considered the oldest Romanesque church in the province.
The upper houses casket, wearing his old attire abbot Mummy Analso Pedro Miranda
In the lower coffin lies the body of Don Lope de Miranda Ponce de León (1626-1688), second Marquis of Valdecarzana, dressed in the attire worn in life. He spent his last years living in Madrid, at the Jeronimos Monastery.