Ofertas Balcón Real

Different weekend, the Bear's Greenway. Teverga.

The offer includes: 2 nights on our Rural Apartments, full day bike rental for the the Bear's Greenway, 1 hour outdoor JACUZZI with lovely views, bottle of cider and the next day visit to "Cueva Huerta".

The price for two people € 179 (Monday to Thursday € 169.)

Offer not valid for bridges, high season, or Christmas.
For most people ask for prices. Valid from September to December

In the Senda del Oso, Nights FREE

With 4 nights we give the fifth (5 nights). 7 nights we give two (9 nights), and 9 nights, we give 3 (12 nights). The apartments are fully equipped, including dishwasher. Ground floor, exit to the garden and beautiful views of the mountain and forest Chestnut. With each book, welcome  #Jacuzzi. Not valid for bridges. Offer valid until May 30

Romantic Weekend in a Natural Park.

Includes: 2 nights in our rental house, 1 hour in our outdoor JACUZZI with beautiful views, 2 bottles of cava. On Saturday romantic dinner in the apartment, including board sausage dish grandmother (chips, steak, hash and eggs), dessert and bottle of cider. The price for two people € 195 (Monday to Thursday € 185) Possibility hiring full day biking through the Senda del Oso € 10 per person. Offer not valid for bridges, high season or Christmas. For most people ask for prices. Valid "Spa Favinia" and "Spa del Duque". If you prefer "Spa Queen" has a supplement of 10 €. Prices in the Spa del Duque Spa Favinia. other apartments, ask for prices.

Enjoy the bellowing, as of September 15.

Visits to the bellowing start from the second half of September and go until mid-October, depending on weather conditions and excessive heat that animals are more reluctant to be seen. This activity focuses on the observation of these majestic animals considered the kings of the forest, taking advantage of this time when the zeal and deer advantage to pool their harems of females entering disputes with other males and can hear his deep bellowing starts.

The activity lasts for 3 hours, first making a short approach through a forest to reach the observation point. When the lack of light and prevents the observation we return to the starting point where we enjoy a picnic in the forest. 

  • Participants have to bring their own vehicle. Starts at 18.30
  • Rates: 15 euros per person (minimum 2 people)
  • Recommended: clothing, winter footwear, waterproofs and binoculars, if available.


Make a wish, and we take care.

We can arrange their days in our cotagge:

  • Horseback rides
  • Cycling routes in the Bear's Greenway
  • Romantic dinners
  • Visit "Cueva Huerta" or the "Museum of Prehistory"
  • Hiking ...

Think what you want while enjoying our outdoor Jacuzzi. Your wishes will be fulfilled.