How to get

We are in Campiello nº5​​, 33111 Teverga (Asturias).The easiest way to access these councils Bear Valley (Santo Adriano, Proaza, Quirós and Teverga) is from Oviedo to La Coruña road (N-634) to the industrious and industrial town of Oviedo Trubia -distante 13 , 8km from the capital of the Principality of Asturias once there, turn onto the main means of communication with those municipalities: the county recently upgraded AS-228 port window, which traverses Santo Adriano, parallel to the river Trubia , and then goes into the end of Proaza, joining Teverga; continues to Quirós from Caranga de Abajo (Proaza), the AS-229. The bus company Álvarez González y Cia. uses these pathways in the regular public passenger transport provided between Oviedo and said councils.



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